The anonymous redirection service

Why & how to

Using a regular link, the webmaster of the linked page can see who is linking onto his page at any time. However, sometimes you do not want someone to know, which page they were visiting last.
This is when comes into play. Because visitors are conducted via our page, it is us, who appear in the log files and the real origin can not be seen.

Now, how do you guide visitors via our page?
That is quite easy: In front of any url, you want to link, text a
In case of google the url would look like xxx?
The visitors will now be guided to our page, stay there for a couple of seconds and will be redirected to the intented target.

How to anonymize a link

It is easier, if you let us anonmyize the link. You'll get the right codes at once, to implement them in your homepage, forum, etc.

Which link do you wish to anonymize?

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